Public Limited Company

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    • DSC of three Directors/Shareholders
    • DIN of three Directors
    • Name approval application 
    • Drafting of E-MOA and E-AOA
    • Certification of Incorporation
    • PAN Number of the Company
    • TAN Number of the Company



Public Limited Company Registration in India can be initiated with a minimum of three Directors who are individuals (up to a maximum of 15 directors without Special Resolution), and seven subscribers (shareholders) who may be Individuals or corporate entities. Both, the directors and subscribers may or may not be the same person. The Companies Act 2013 does not set any minimum capital limit, so the minimum capital can even be Re 1 per shareholder. A public limited company has features like separate legal entity which enables it to be distinct from its members and directors. The members hold a limited liability in the company and cannot be held liable beyond the shares held by them.

Public Company Registration is initiated primarily if the shareholders/investors are large in number. The shares of a public limited company can be transferred with ease and ensuring a suitable structure for raising capital. Before initiating registration of a public company, one needs to be aware of more stringent regulatory requirements as compared to other corporate entity forms.

                                      FEATURES OF PUBLIC COMPANY

Limited Liability and Separate Legal Entity

Liability of the shareholders of a public company is restricted to the capital invested in the company, and hence shareholders are not personally liable. It is a legal entity which is distinct from its shareholders and directors. It can own assets and liabilities in its own name.

Exhaustive Compliance Structure

A public limited company has an exhaustive structure of rules and regulations to be followed, i.e. provisions of Companies act 2013, listing agreement (for listed companies), along with notifications, circulars, and orders issued by the government from time to time.

Capital Intensive

Public Limited Company registration is initiated primarily if the capital invested is huge or if the number of shareholders is large. Since the investment is made open to the general public, such structure requires strict compliance management.

Preferred for Investment

Shares of a public limited company can be traded freely by the shareholders, and even online trading is possible for listed companies. A public limited company is preferred by both retail and institutional investors for investment, due to easy availability and transferability of shares.


    • Minimum 3 Directors and a maximum of 15 without any additional compliance. (At least one director should be Resident in India).
    • Minimum seven shareholders and no limit on maximum no. of shareholders. (Director & shareholder can be the same person).
    • Two to Four proposed unique names for the name reservation of the Company.
    • Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) of the shareholders and the Directors of the Company.
    • Details of the premise to be registered as the Registered Office of the proposed public company along with the proof of ownership, NOC from the owner for such use of premise and a utility bill in the name of the owner not older than two months.
    • Self-attested proof of Identity and address of the shareholders and the Directors of the proposed public Company along with their PAN Card, Aadhar Card & passport size colour photo in jpeg format.